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Posted by:admin onJune 28, 2012

Brought to you by BohoApps: Get one of the best puzzle games for kids, boys and girls, and adults! Scooba Maze is amazing!

SCOOBA is a fun and challenging adventure! Try to navigate through a maze of underwater caves and get to the end before the time runs out. Collect sunken treasure along the way, and trade for gold coins in the Coinizer!! But watch out! Don’t run out of air! Spend your coins on power-ups for more air & time or tools to protect you from sharks, octopuses and more!

*Use coins to get a knife or a spear gun to fight off dangerous predators!

**Get a “Fat Man”–a Diver Propulsion Vehicle–to help speed you through the maze!

KIDS love it! Its an addicting game! Great way to spend time in the car, bus, train, plane, waiting name it!

The mazes are randomized so you’ll never travel through the same maze twice! Race against friends or other treasure-hunters in Multi-player mode! Compete for the best times, and collect the most amount of treasure and coins.

–3D characters
–Play the Easy level to practice, then challenge your friends in Multi-player mode
–Retina ready
–works on iPhone,iPad, and iTouch models
–Three challenging levels of difficulty
–Customize your diver’s wetsuits and choose power-ups to gain time and the tools needed to get to the sunken treasure!

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