Joey's Quest

Posted by:admin onAugust 12, 2012

One of the most unique maze style games yet! Fun and challenging with 30 levels!

Little Joey has wandered away from Mama! He’s gone to collect gold for her but now you need to help him get home!

But watch out for the bad guys! Along the way, Joey could run into any of these creatures: a wonambi, dingos, a thylacine, marsupial lion, mean cats, wedge-tailed eagle, a crocodile or a big bad kangaroo complete with boxing gloves who could knock him out and steal his nuggets!

And that monkey! Just as Joey’s about to get a nugget, the monkey throws them somewhere else! Good grief!

So use the joystick to help Joey get safely home to Mama with lots of gold nuggets and bars!

Game Features:

-Puzzle and strategy combined!
-Adorable Joey, the little kangaroo
-Fantastic graphics!
-Collect all gold bars and nugget to unlock the next levels
-Customize Joey
-Challenge your skills in higher levels – more bad guys to avoid!
-Use the joystick for easy control
-Jump button helps Joey jump over the river or on to the crocodle’s back to move up and down the river.

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