Dragon Maze

Posted by:admin onJune 27, 2012

Welome to Dragon Maze! An awesome and fun single and multiplayer maze racing game.

★★★★★ “Really like all the fun New Year elements incorporated. The graphics are beautiful too.”

The dinner table is set and ready for the New Year’s Eve reunion dinner. Can you collect all the fish (which stand for luck and fortune) before you get to the end of the maze?

If you make it through Level 1, then run through the town to collect red packets. They are full of lots of dragon coins, so get as many as you can.

Dumplings symbolize wealth, so collect as many as you can in Level 3 at the Lantern Festival.

Try your best to collect enough coins to unlock the boy, the girl and THE DRAGON! Each of these characters has extra power ups to help you get through the maze faster.

Dragon Maze is a beautiful 3D maze race experience on the iPhone and iPad.

Extremely fun to race against your friends in multiplayer mode!

You can also play in timed single player mode for additional fun.


The maps are RANDOMLY generated every time you play. So, you’ll never play the same maze twice. 

Dragon Maze is:

* Retina Ready
* Universal, Works on iPhone & iPad
* Stunning 3D graphics
* Multiplayer

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