Deep Water

Posted by:admin onJune 26, 2012

Deep Water 6 is a fun game featuring a diver that tries to avoid sea creatures and make it to the surface before his oxygen runs out.

Tilt your phone from side to side to move the diver left and right. Tap the green button to go faster. Press the red shooting button to shoot spears at the sea creatures.

For advanced levels get the protective diver cage which will guard the diver from the sea creatures for a period of time allowing him to make it to the surface.

Move the diver and “catch” extra oxygen tanks so the diver has enough oxygen to make it to the surface during the advanced levels.

Get free coins by sharing Deep Water 6 with your friends on Facebook and Twitter from the games main menu.

Deep Water 6 is brought to you by Appsonic Games, makers of the crazy fun mobile games Dragon Run and Paintball Ninja!

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Thanks for playing!

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