Posted by:admin onJune 26, 2012

Welcome to 3D Breaker, we are proud to bring you this AWESOME new game for all the family to enjoy! This AWESOME new game is operated by using touch screen on right & left of the game screen to operate the paddles that are in each of the corners of the game board, these are used for moving the ball around the screen.

The Objective of the game is to move the ball around the game board with the paddles trying to break down the 3D object in the middle, unlocking hidden items inside & destroying the object so u can advance to the next level . Once you have completed the level your points you earned will then be converted into coins, you can then use these collected coins to unlock more levels or customization items in the game. If you can’t wait to unlock these AWESOME new features you can also buy more coins in the Get Coins option in various screens in the game!

You can then use your new coins to unlock more or all levels and as well as any customization features that are offered in the game to improve your game play.

All of us at Extreme Elite Technologies hope you and your family enjoy this AWESOME new & FUN game! We hope that you will take the time to rate our game or like us on Facebook & Twitter, thanks for playing & ENJOY!


– New game play customization options
– Added Localizations on description (multiple languages)
– New character ball choices
– Facebook, Twitter & website links
– Game play level, Target Randomization


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