Monthly Archives: November 2014

An Early Bird Worm

Posted by:admin

Adventure Game to help the bird cross the sky to get the bird. This is a simple adventure game, suitable for all ages! Simple control – easy to learn and play.

Pixie Party

Posted by:admin

Pixie Party is a game that is extremely addictive and perfect for all ages. This game is hilarious and its really fun. Pixies are cuties that you’ll love to play with them all day long.

Feed Paddy Bear

Posted by:admin

Feed Paddy Bear is an awesome game where you have to feed the hungry bears. It’s a simple game, ideal for children to play and spend a few boring hours. It contains controls nice and simple.

Cart Before the Horse

Posted by:admin

Cart before the horse is a really awesome game, very funny and easy to play. The song is also very good too. This game will keep you entertained for hours to come. Enjoy playing with the horses!

Better the Devil you know

Posted by:admin

Better the devil you know is a great game that will keep you busy. Perfect to kill some boring time, and its absolutely free. It will keep you entertained for hours to come, and its challenging. Fun and easy to play at first, but prepare to be challenged.

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