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Monsters In My Room

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They’re Here! In Your Room! Help KaiKai and his friends sneak out of their crowded room as the tired monsters doze all around you…be quiet! Move the lazy monsters and clear a path to the exit, but don’t forget to take their bag of bones with you to dump in the ‘Bonecrusher’ and transform into…

Dog Chase

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Dog Chase – the Ultimate Game of Catch Pawsitively addictive! “Zanderation – PAWsitively fun game! – This game is so much fun to play! Love the awesome dogs. It’s fun and very challenging.” Join Max, Sophie and Dewey for the Ultimate Game of Catch Me If You Can. In a dog park filled with angry…

Rescue Ranger

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Fabfunapps are very pleased to announce that we and “Save The Rhino” are launching this app to be able to highlight the plight of the White Rhino which is almost extinct. Please donate towards the fund in order to save this wonderful animal. Rescue Rangers was inspired by a visit by the creators to…

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