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Posted by:admin onJune 9, 2012


The UFA ‘Combo Fitness Tools’ App is available on iOS!

“We wanted to create an app for you that would give you a selection of fitness tools in one combo app. Including a set of fitness timers you can use in your workouts, a Notes function to allow you to record all your workout data easily and as well as music player and TimeCheck features, an app that you can load any of your own pdf workouts (or any pdf) into to


use with the app. We wanted to do all this in one app for you and allow you to workout anywhere. We hope you like UFA and if you want to learn even more and get Official UFA Workouts and news then check out the website. Best wishes!”

Get *Official UFA Workouts right now at www.UltimateFitnessApp.com/Workout-Vault


“The future of health and fitness is now on your mobile device”

Combining a selection of NEW & Unique Fitness Tools in one app:


4 Unique Health and Fitness Workout Timers: [Ultimate Timer, Boxing MMA Round Timer, Tabata Timer, Simple Session Timer.]

Full Music Player inside UFA to train with your favourite iTunes music playlists during your sessions.

Fitness Notes: A new unique note taking tool giving you the ability to finally ditch the notepad and pen you normally take to the gym. Now record ANYTHING you do in the gym and save it!


The UFA Pdf Reader: the first fitness pdf reader allowing you to view any of your pdf workouts inside UFA ‘Combo Fitness Tools’ App.

These are all designed to seamlessly work together or as individual tools to make your workouts faster, easier, more enjoyable and give you real results and the most efficient and effective workouts ever.


Everything you need is now in the palm of your hand.

For the first time ever you can work out with your cutting edge training programs loaded directly into your apple device and viewed on UFA Combo Fitness Tool App. All designed to give you full control in your workouts.

This is the latest app from The Ultimate Fitness App Series – we hope you find it useful.

join us at http://www.UltimateFitnessApp.com

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