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What people are already saying about Syntax!

* My kids are loving it!
* Fantastic graphics!
* The future of match-3!
* Earned a permanent spot in my match-3 folder!


Syntax is the newest and most exciting match-3 puzzle game to hit the iPhone, iPod, and iPad!!

Syntax injects new excitement into the world of the match-3 puzzle game!

• Discover new ways to stimulate yourself with new and unique challenges.

• Whatever your flavor is, we got you covered – you will never get bored when you’ve got 4 modes of game play to choose from!

• Challenge your friends! You don’t have to play alone; make things even more exciting with split-screen multiplayer via Game Center. Now there’s more than one match-3 game that gets you in on the split screen action!

• Get rewards for your high score! The more points you score, the more Bytes you can collect. Redeem your Bytes for Power Ups!, and blaze through those tricky challenges!

You have never played a match-3 game like this – Syntax takes the match-3 experience to a new level, incorporating unique stunning graphics, new styles of game play, and all new challenges!


4 Modes Of Game Play:
Primary – The most popular style. Match three symbols of a kind to eliminate them and score enough points to advance to the next level. Make sure you use a strategy, though, so you don’t run out of moves!

Action – Race against the clock to score enough points and advance to the next level. You’ve got 90 seconds!

Infinity – Play for as long as you like. There’s no clock, and no end to the moves you can make. But nothing comes without a price; non-matching moves will cost you some points!

Engage – Invite your friends to a challenge with the multiplayer Engage mode via Game Center. It does not get any more exciting than real-time split screen game play. Now there’s more than one game that gets you in on the split screen action!

Collect Bytes:
The more points you score, the more Bytes you collect. Use Bytes to obtain Power Ups! and blaze through any tricky challenge.

Power Ups!
Use Bytes to obtain unique Power Ups! which allow you to blaze through any tricky challenge, and advance to the next level at a lightning pace!


Stunning graphics produce a world that’s interesting, intriguing, and extremely exciting.

7 original songs give you lots of new music to keep the gameplay fast-paced, and exciting.

A prompt system to provide you with hints when you’re stuck.

Syntax infuses new excitement into the match-3 puzzle experience. Take a break from the old norm, and blow it up with something new.

NOTE: Syntax takes advantage of state-of-the-art graphics displays and processing power. In order to play, you’re going to need a 3rd generation iPod Touch, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, or iPhone 4S. If you’re playing on an iPad, you need iOS 4.3 or later. Please make sure your device is compatible before you download Syntax.

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