Space Dunk

Posted by:admin onJune 9, 2012

One of the Most Addictive Games in the App Store. Test your reflexes on Moon, Jupiter, and more as balls come flying from everywhere.

This is the most impressive and realistic dunking application on the market. Check out the screenshots and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

What existing customers are saying about Space Dunk:
* Excellent game! Love the graphics and speed.
* Very addictive and fun to play
* The description says it best: “One of the most addictive games in the app store!”
* This game has kept me on the toilet much longer than I needed to be

Space Dunk Features:
* Dunk balls into matching tubes by dragging them
* Earn plus points for a right dunk and minus points for a wrong dunk
* Easy or Expert modes available to suit different skill levels
* Earn bonus reward points for playing daily
* Use points earned to unlock newer playing grounds
* Use Power Ups to multiply points earned and to control game speed
* Use Point Multiplier power up to stop collecting minus points on a wrong dunk
* Play Easy mode to earn points
* Play Expert mode when ready for a real challenge

This is as fun as slam dunking can get for families, friends and kids of all ages. This game is a basketball experience with a twist. It will really test your reflexes. Are you up for the challenge?

Download Space Dunk now…

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