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Quackers Maze

Posted by:admin onMarch 27, 2012

A fun swim through a maze with four fun characters. You can swim with a turtle, a dolphin, a duck or a cool frog. See if you can get to the third level!

Make a splash with this unconventional maze app that challenges your senses as you bob and weave your way through a watery maze! You never know what is in store for you around each turn as you zig and zag your character through a series of adverse adventures!

Players are able to collect gems in multi-player mode which turn into coins that you can spend in the customizable shop. If you haven’t found enough gems to buy your upgrades you may purchase coins to upgrade the unique and versatile maps. Play with a friend or challenge yourself with single-player action to beat the maze as quickly as you can! There are many prizes and upgrades in this fast-paced, action maze!

Quackers has four unique and distinct characters to choose from. You may feel like playing as the fuzzy, yellow duck that bobs along the waves to his destination or you may like the slippery, laid-back frog who eagerly hops his way through the lily pads to claim his prizes! The adorable turtle swims along to beat his opponents and the eager dolphin won’t stop at anything until he meets his goals! Each character has brilliant animations and vibrant sounds!



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