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Pokyo the Alien

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Try to get Pokyo out of trouble!


Pokyo is in a maze game in which your aim is to collect items and at the same time, create or blast new walls to trap your opponents within the required time. With its cute visuals and simple, intuitive controls, Pokyo the Alien is the perfect game to play with your family. Kids will love the looks and there’s enough challenge there for grown-ups too! In addition to its stunningly amazing game play and kid-friendly game mechanics, it also provides all of its players some challenging puzzles to go against with.


There are a total of 40 mind-boggling and hardcore levels to go into. Don’t be deceived, though. As soon as you start playing you’ll feel that the game is way too easy, but don’t get your hopes up. The real challenge the game has to offer is just about to unravel itself. Always be wary of the subtle change in the game mechanic whenever you progress, since these changes aren’t that noticeable at first.


You may be able to go through the levels with little changes with ease, but these changes are going to get more and more drastic, if not vividly conspicuous later on, such as the types of enemies, the kinds of walls you can put up to lock down or imprison opponents with. Players are required to adapt within the game in order to be able to effectively and successfully pass each and every level in the game. Quick hand-eye coordination, sharp wits, as well as fast reflexes and well-timed executions of movements are only few of the basic skills you’ll need to develop in this game.

The basic principle of this game is to get all, if not most of the star items in order to garner points and enabling the player to proceed to the next stage of the game. The player must devise a strategy which should open all possible and executable routes when collecting star items. It may be easy to do so, but there’s a problem in terms of collecting these stars. You have to face and encounter fuzzy aliens which hinder certain possible routes for you to pass and collect stars with. When you think of a strategy to go against all alien enemies, a player must always proceed with caution, as these aliens aren’t only fast, but they’re deceitful and tricky as well. Charging head-on and unfocused against these naughty little things wouldn’t work during the later parts of the game. Foresight and logic is very essential in this game. It stimulates one’s predictability and one’s innate ability to predict movements within the game.

Pokyo the Alien has so much to offer for kids and adults alike, from vividly clear graphics and intuitively smart and well-planned game play to perfectly-idealized graphic display. The game’s 4-direction and touch-fire button offers a certain degree of improvement in terms of manoeuvrability and movement. You can look for Pokyo the Alien in the App Store, or you can look for it in, along with ratings, reviews, comments, and more!



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