Mayan Escape – Run

Posted by:admin onJune 27, 2012

Ever been in a rainforest, while trying to avoid Mayan warriors on patrol?

Now you can! Help Bebe, as in Bebe Apps the character; escape the evil warriors trying to capture him and all the gold. Bebe runs through his Mayan village, around the temples, avoids capture, picks up the gold and makes it to the holy flame safely. Well maybe!

The Mayans lived in the Central American rainforest hundreds of year ago. It was common for Mayan warriors, with faces painted and wearing a headdress, from one village to raid other Mayan villages. Bebe needs to run along the paths, through the trees and away from the warriors. There is no place to hide, must keep moving. If Bebe runs into a warrior, he will lose some gold or maybe all the gold if he stays and fights.

The game provides the typical sounds of the rainforest; birds, monkeys and other animals.

Mayan Escape – Run, is one of the few 3D games where skill and dexterity are a must. The game provides a great active experience and available on the iPhone and iPad.

This is a never ending game with 3 levels of difficulty. Best scores are on Game Center so you can compare you scores with your friends.

Mayan Escape features:
– Action and Adventure Family game
– Stunning 3D Graphics of the village, sun temples and pyramids
– 3 challenging levels; keep getting harder
– PowerUps to make Bebe run faster
– Village compass to keep you correctly orientated in the trees
– Universal game; works on iPhone & iPad
– Game Center Leaderboard
– An idle time game

See you in the rainforest!

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