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Loopy Fruit Bounce

Posted by:admin onNovember 4, 2012

We just can’t get enough of those Loopy Fruits! The gang’s all back for more light-hearted fun and mind-blowing adventure in the new app from, Loopy Fruit Bounce! Join the squish able fruits for another wacky game in their tree house of fun!

Adam Apple, Ben Blueberry, and Cherie Cherry have been busy building their tree house and are excited to invite some friends in for some crazy play time! Gear up for some tricky mazes and delightful races through puzzles galore! Use your expert senses, timely reflexes, and innovative ideas to expertly guide your fruity pal into the awaiting basket…but beware, there are many sticky and dangerous obstacles in your path to safety! If you are able to bounce your fruit into his warm and comfy basket, you’re still not out of the woods; the bonus round begins!

Creamy frosted cupcakes, sticky candy canes, tasty little candies, and cookies of all kinds will try to tempt you as drops of sticky honey dollop your path with poisonous obstacles. Don’t touch anything or let them deter you! Once you pass the board, another one will unlock and you’ll be on your way to greatness in no time!

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